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Specials Of This Week

Casio Valentine's Day Couple Watches

In order to meet the Valentine’s Day in 2011, Casio watches specially introduced with the romantic couple watch, in the open on Valentine’s Day, intention to create sweet romantic love gift.

White romantic theme

Human emotions to express love crystal thorough, immaculate, all of the best examples with a white body, not only exudes a unique romantic love, but also conveys the true meaning of love. The color of the watch, is also distinctive, in addition to the main color white, based on the gold surface using liquid crystal dial positions, the other time display is eye-catching black electronic fonts, so that the watch has a sense and a sense of being conspicuous. Square bezel, simple and generous witness of love lasts forever.

Love mark

The couple engraved on the back of the watch the exclusive symbol of CASIO couple watch of love “the devil and the angel” back engraving, special and meaningful, each marked a sweet love brought happiness is hard won and deserves The people love to treasure.

Devil angel carved back

Watch the back, engraved with the devil and the angel symbolizing the different character’s romantic relationship with each other to attract, and together they engraved the good times. There is a beautiful legend. According to legend, the angel with the power of lucifer, suffered the wrath of God punishing, fall to the evil of hell, but the angels in heaven michael, still deeply in love with lucifer, then two contradictory roles – the devil and the angel, full of the good and evil, darkness and light, love and hate, so the formation of a symbol of love, “the devil and the angel” totem.