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The role of luxury mens used rolex watches

Jean-Claude Biver, the watch does not measure time but social status.

Useless, counter-clockwise? Obvious, says Jean-Claude Biver. Monday at the Casino Montbenon in Lausanne, on the occasion of a conference organized by Knowledge 3, University of the Third Age of the Canton of Vaud, the CEO of Hublot has tried a delicate (and apparently delicious) exercise : demonstrate how the time has become useless in the luxury watch.

Although misguided who now seek to sell a phone call to serve, the speaker began. The analogy is a reminder that long ago that timepieces have lost their original role. Jean-Claude Biver, the turning point, "the initial response to the routine of watches, is located in the mid-1980s, when Nicolas Hayek meets the offensive Japanese quartz with the launch of the Swatch. "How did you want the rest of the watch is received when selling watches both more expensive and less accurate?" He asked the congregation before replying: "We had to sell tradition, not technology. Understanding that a watch is like a piece of heritage ". Or how the Swiss genius invents "his connection to history." According to Jean-Claude Biver, a watch can and must create all sorts of emotions: happiness, pride and why not the guilt? But it should not be used to tell time.

After the remarkable industrial adjustment that we owe to Hayek Sr., the watch was able to make a great marketing adaptation, says Jean-Claude Biver: "It is not easy to move from the marketing of a watch that shows the Time to watch the shows that do more ... "Especially since its inception, the Swiss watch industry had always argued the precision of its products.
The former owner of Blancpain is without doubt one of the initiators of this shift, he said that while loud and not wanting to produce quartz watches. "When customers complained of inaccuracies or defects in their mechanical watch, we will say that we had hoped they had not bought time to read. Often, they eventually understand. "
Then, during the last decade have occurred in emerging markets, which have "reinforced this trend." And to quote Biver Indonesia, Mexico, India, Brazil, China, of course, but also Ukraine or Russia. "These new consumers have quickly realized that a beautiful watch their serves to reveal how social class they belong." Finally, the watch may have found a statute of measuring instrument, although much less scientific than that it has had to abandon.