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White metals are to be popular this year

Jewellery fans have been told about the latest trends for 2011, which include white metals and silver being at the top of the popularity tree

White metals, including silver, are to be the most popular forms of jewellery this year, according to an industry expert.

Louise Hoffman, editor of Jewellery Focus, said that this is because of the huge increase in gold prices.

Referring to platinum, Ms Hoffman noted that demand for items made from this material are to remain "largely steady" in both Japan and Europe.

She went on to say that platinum could be out of reach in terms of price for a lot of people, which will see silver benefitting instead.

"The wedding market, however, is a different matter - consumers are still happy to splash out on wedding and engagement rings, and platinum remains a very popular option here," Ms Hoffman stated.

Recently, George Harper East, from the Guild of Jewellery Designers said that oversized and heavily textured pieces are set to be popular in 2011, along with bright faux stones and metals.